How to Reset Facebook Password?

There are various ways to set up a facebook password. Let’s have a look when we need to set password:

On PC and Windows

Follow the below mentioned instructions to reset your password on PC and Window.

  • Use any browser and search Facebook page using
  • Click on the forget password that is below the mobile number or email address and password box. After clicking that, you will be redirected to “find your account” page.
  • Click on the email or phone number. You will see a text box on the page while resetting your Facebook password. Fill that email or phone number that you entered while signing up your Facebook account.
  • After that, you should click on the search button for finding your account. After finding your account, you need to decide which option you are going to choose for resetting your Facebook password. Either you can choose an email address or a phone number. After choosing any of these, you will get a “6 digit code” for resetting your Facebook password.
  • After that click on the continue button, you will be getting a “6 digit verification code” via mail if you choose an email address for resetting your password, and if you opt for phone, you will receive a 6 digit code via text message or link so after clicking on the link or entering that code you will be redirected to Facebook reset password page.

Android App

  • Install your Facebook app by downloading it from the play store, then launch it by tapping the “f” icon, after tapping on f icon you will get into the login page isn’t looks easy? yes, it is.
  • After that tap on the forgot password button that is below the login button. Tap on the forgotten password then you will be redirected to the reset password page.
  • After that in that page, it will be asked to enter your user name phone number or email address, If you remember your email address which you entered while signing up then you should enter the email address or you can enter your phone number which is registered with your account and if you didn’t remember both then you should enter your username from which you have made your Facebook account.
  • After entering your username email address or phone number, search button will appear in the text box. Click on the search button to locate your Facebook account.
  • You should choose the correct method for recovering your Facebook account. If you have searched your Facebook account by entering your username, then you should click on the “this is me” option after finding your profile. Then, after finding your profile rest of the formalities will be done for recovering your account. And if you opt for a phone number or email address. After entering the correct mail or phone number you will be receiving code on your mail or via text message.
  • If you go for a phone number for recovering your password, then after entering your phone number, you will be getting 6 digit code for resetting your Facebook password. Now, enter that 6 digit code in that recovery account page where it has asked for.
    And if you opt for the email address then you will be getting 6 digit code via mail, then enter 6 digit verification code in the recovery account page for recovering your account.
  • Now at the end enter your new password which you can easily remember. On the first text box enter your new password then in the next box enter that password again for confirming your new password . Congratulations! Your new password has been successfully saved for your Facebook account. Now enjoy using your Facebook account to connect with new friends and meet new peoples.

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