How to locate someone using Google Maps?

In the present time, Google Maps has become a gift for some as it goes about as a genuine miner for all. We are so needy and ongoing of it that we can’t envision our lives without the Internet and its assets. Continuing further, we should understand the scope of Google.


Google Latitude is basically a service that locates our mobile with a Global positioning system or GPS. With its help, we can track the person whosoever we need to find.

Above all else, we need the second person’s authorization to follow his/her latitude, and we should remember that we can’t follow an individual without their consent. When this is clear, go to the site of Google latitude and create an account. Sign up the google latitude from any of the Google services, be it Gmail. Once this is done, ask your friend or the concerned person to “Sign up” on the latitude in the same manner you have done.

Now you’re done with How we can sign up on Google latitude’s account. Let’s proceed further and have a look at


Many don’t know about the hidden elements of the Google Map. Apart from route or general information area, one more alternative is accessible to follow an individual with their endorsement.

  • Once both the parties “Sign up” on the Google Latitude, half of the work is done there. Now, the next option is to access Google latitude using the Google Map feature. Your friend has also added you to the list of those who can track that particular person.
  • You too, can do the same. To start this, find your location for any purpose. The thing you need to consider is to turn ON your location every time to get the correct and accurate result.

Now the next question that comes in our mind is:


You can choose who can track your location using Google Maps. Simply set up and adjust your Google map location sharing settings.

  • Add that person’s Gmail address to whom you want to track in Google contacts.
  • After that, “Sign-in” the Google map from your android device. The next step is to select those persons from Google contacts in the location sharing menu.
  • When you are done with that, simply tap on permit “Offer” to those contacts who you need can see your area.

If you want, you can remove a particular contact later on, too, by going to the same list if you wish that the sharing person will see your real-time location.

You have to consider that you don’t share your location with the ones you don’t trust. They may bit of leeway of your location sharing.

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